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Sell more at Christmas market: ultimate guide for traders
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21 Nov
christmas market uk

Sell more at Christmas market: ultimate guide for traders

As Christmas time is just around the corner it is no secret that if you think about trading in the Christmas market you have one seemingly never-ending question- how to stand out in a market crowded with other stands? For businesses, it takes a lot of planning and energy. In fact, you must be able..

12 Oct
winterize pop up gazebo

3 essential tips to winterize pop up gazebo corectly

Wind and careless transportation aren’t the most dangerous factors that can dramatically shorten the life of your pop up gazebo. 99% of a time improper storage causes serious damage that is hard or even impossible to fix. So without further intro, let’s dive in the steps you need to take before you winterize pop up..

07 Oct
nike riga run

When contacting a gazebo hire is the right choise

We all have seen outdoor markets or massive outdoor events such as concerts or sports events. Organizers at that kind of events mostly hire gazebos from some gazebo hire. In following few moments we will find out when contacting gazebo hire is a right choice.   1.how many events do You organize per season? Organize..

05 Mar
pop up gazebo tips and tricks

Finding the best pop up gazebo for the best price

Searching for a new pop up gazebo and seeing too many seemingly similar options? It is hard to find another market where product prices vary from 60 EUR to 2000 EUR and most of the products are described as “heavy duty”, “Pro” or “Lux”. https://nordtent.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/pop-up-gazebo-comparison-by-price-2018.png So it is time to clear some myths and help..

23 Jan
saliekamās nojumes

5 things You have to know to choose the right folding gazebo

The pop-up gazebo is not usual purchase at least it doesn’t have to be like that. So it is only logical that You may not know some essential things that will help You choose the right folding gazebo.   https://nordtent.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/nojumes-ramis-300×277.jpg Can frame withstand strong winds and rain? .2. Is textile tear proof?3. Do company offers design..

06 Jan

5 simple strategies to increase your sales when selling outdoors

Here are five tips you can use to boost your sales numbers – whether you sell produce, jam, or salsa. 1. Group Products Together to Make a Deal2. Greet Every Customer3. Make Your Booth Inviting4. Help Customers Visualize Using Your Product5. Partner with Other Vendors 1. Group Products Together to Make a Deal Simply giving..

15 Dec

Learn 4 reasons why “the BIG boys” use event marketing

We all know it is one thing when a sports teacher in class says how to run correctly. Another thing is when Usain Bolt shows You how to win Olympics and crashes few records at a time. The following story is exactly about the second version. 1.  Branding and Awareness2.  Lead Generation3.  Customer Engagement and..

07 Sep

5 poorly used crucial resources event marketing provides for free

Most of event marketing activities have its costs. Whatever it is participation fee, place rental, equipment etc. Because of that we all expect at least some sales to happen at or after the event. But what about these great resources what most of us don’t remember? 1) getting to know clients2) helping clients3) Make follow-ups..

03 Sep

Boost attendance at every stage of event marketing funnel

Eventbrite just published great, easy to implement resource on how to get most out of every event marketing funnel stage. A resource is divided into clear parts according to stages: awareness consideration decision Here I will give You a really fast, straightforward summary. 1) How to maximize event awareness Find out the groups or websites..